What Carbohydrates and the Loch Ness Monster Have in Common...

Aug 02, 2022

What Carbohydrates, and the Loch Ness Monster have in common…


As fun as the myth is, I don’t actually believe there is a monster in Loch Ness, but there’s still no way I’d swim across the lake. Why?


Because I’d spend the whole time sh*tting myself with fear, visualizing jaws and teeth rushing at me from the depths. 


The thing is I’ve internalized all the stories, fictional or not! But how does this relate to carbs?


Some of us have been led to fear carbs, or other foods or food groups. 


You might have internalized stories about carbohydrates making you fat, or how eating more than bare minimal calories will lead to uncontrollable weight gain. 


Fear, and a story’s ability to poke at insecurities, can really mess with a person. However, unlike my fear of the Loch Ness Monster (which is somewhat embarrassing) with all the noise and fear mongering about diets flying around it’s actually completely reasonable that some of us have gone through phases or are going through a phase when we get a bit of anxiety about certain food groups. 


This leads to issues of restriction which can carry over into episodes of binge eating, not to mention anxiety surrounding usually enjoyable things like going out to dinner with friends. 


I ruined a lot of first dates for myself when experiencing a high degree of anxiety about my food choices, and it led to me not getting many second dates… which made me think “It must be because I’m hideous” which of course led to me double down on the diet that was making me no fun to be around in the first place! Such a fun cycle.


Overcoming this understandable but unhelpful anxiety surrounding food choices starts with understanding one principle…


Challenge yourself, but don’t make it overwhelming. 


Reintegrating different foods should be done on your terms. It’s important to overcome our challenges of course, but trying to reinvent the wheel overnight often leads to overwhelm, which leads to zero action being taken! 


When making changes, we can train ourselves to spot irrational fears, then engage in the kind of steps that deliver change rather than stagnation. 


Unless we’re talking about me swimming across Loch Ness, which isn’t happening any time soon!

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