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“Not all patterns of disorder eating come from past trauma. For many of us there are much simpler answers, and even simpler solutions.”

Are you experiencing patterns of disordered eating that sabotage your progress?

For the longest time, I felt like my eating habits were out of control. It felt like all-consuming urges to eat - even when I wasn't hungry - would appear out of nowhere and drive me insane until I gave in to them. 

I was constantly confused and frustrated by the fact that I was successful and disciplined in other areas, but just couldn't seem to find consistency when it came to food. Many things were suffering at the hands of my patterns of disordered eating, not least of all my training goals, career, and social life. 

Resolving patterns of disordered eating doesn't always have to be about years of therapy, constantly dealing with the stress of trying to avoid triggers, or sticking rigidly to a "safe" diet plan. 

If this hits home for you, I'd love to hear from you! Get in touch and get back to enjoying life free of disordered eating!


Instead of just trying harder, I’m a big fan of removing obstacles...